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getting rid of algae in pools

Chlorine Pools
Bromine Pools
Saltwater Chlorination Systems

algae prevention in pools and spas

 ONE Way to Prevent Algae
 ONE Ounce per 1,000 Gallons
 ONE Hundred % Guarantee
 ONE Time per Month

For Use in Chlorine Pools, Bromine Pools and Saltwater Chlorination Systems

Algae Shield® is intended for use in swimming pools treated with chlorine, bromine or saltwater chlorination systems. Algae Shield® should not be used in pools treated with Baquacil*, SoftSwim**, other biguanide products or pools maintained with PristineBlue®. Algae Shield® should not be used in conjunction with other algae treatments, flocculants or metal-out products.

Algae Shield
® works within a wide pH range, but for bather comfort, maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.6 or as recommended by your swimming pool dealer.

Algae Prevention
Algae Free Pool

An Ounce of Prevention
You no longer need to wait for algae to invade your pool. Prevent it with just one ounce of Algae Shield
® per 1,000 gallons, once a month. Most algae products on the market are made for use after an ugly outbreak of algae occurs. Algae Shield® actually prevents ugly green water.

Put Up a Strong Defense
The special formula of Algae Shield
® disperses evenly so that every ounce of your water is protected against algae. If there’s no algae present in the water, Algae Shield® stands guard. When algae spores enter the water, Algae Shield® is ready! It kills algae before it multiplies and becomes an unsightly mess in your pool.

Guaranteed Algae Prevention
Algae Shield
® comes with an algae free guarantee…so don’t wait for algae to invade. Prevent it with Algae Shield®!

*Baquacil is a trademark of Arch Chemical
**SoftSwim is a trademark of BioLab, Inc.